Dancebox Studios & Theatre Works provide a number of different accommodation suggestions for students moving to study in Milton Keynes.


Students over the age of 18 may apply to the YMCA, which is a purpose built accommodation building, just moments from the college location. The accommodation at the YMCA is comprised of studio and one bedroom flats which are of exceptional quality and are located in a safe and secure building. This is the most popular choice of accommodation for our Degree students, although some students choose to rent privately in friendship groups in years 2 & 3 of the course.



The college has a limited supply of it's own accommodation, which provides students with self catering accommodation within walking distance of the college. There are limited spaces in the college-owned shared accommodation and these are normally allocated to Sixth Form and Foundation Diploma students, aged 16 - 18 and who are living away from home for the first time.



Dancebox also has a large junior school and from the trusted families linked to the junior school, the college is able to offer a list of host families with available accommodation. This accommodation, which has a higher level of supervision, is offered initially to our Sixth Form students, but may also be available to our Foundation Diploma and first year Degree students.

For any student living in term time accommodation in Milton Keynes we have an exceptional pastoral team who are on hand to help with any problems which might arise. We also take pride in the family feel of the small college experience, and can boast exceptional levels of support and care, both from our staff team, and also from our friendly and welcoming students.