The Sixth Form course and BA (Hons) in Dance & Musical Theatre were developed in response to a commitment from our leadership team to deliver top-level professional dance and performing arts training to small cohorts of students to maximise achievement and potential.


As a forward-thinking and proactive organization, we are lucky to be able to take advantage of the changing educational funding and qualifications landscape. Unlike many of the longer established performing arts training providers, who are tied to their existing funding streams and cohort sizes, at Dancebox we have been able to develop exceptional pre-vocational and professional training courses which are delivered in small groups with excellent access to funding and financial support  for aspiring professional performers.


At Dancebox Studios & Theatre Works we operate in year groups of no more than 25 students, rather than the 100 - 200 that can be found in each year group at some of the larger providers. This enables us to deliver an exceptional level of training, in small groups, with relevant and focused content. Students can be confident that our faculty will guide their every move towards developing the skills required to be an employable dancer and performer.