We believe in creating strong, resilient, athletic and employable performers.


Our training demands focus, self-discipline and hard work, and is designed to deliver both the physical and mental strength required to succeed in this challenging and competitive industry.


As we operate in small year groups we are able to deliver an exceptional level of support, not only in a practical context, but also academically and pastorally. In return, we expect complete dedication to the course, with 100% attendance and adherence to the strict guidelines on conduct, presentation and grooming. We are training our students to be future professionals and that is how they’ll be treated.


We also expect an exceptional level of motivation from our students. Even though there are more work opportunities for performers than ever before, it's still very competitive to gain contracts in the Cruise, Cabaret and Musical Theatre industries so we expect our students to action every correction, practise in their own time and go above and beyond to implement the lessons learnt.